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The Book of Majestone

Paper 39 More Amazing Children Arrive To Bless


          On September 5th, 2012 at 4:33 PM a voice inside me spoke “I am here father.” I have children inside me again!! My son who spoke to me from within also said there are 7 more babies besides him. A total of 8 children are growing inside me. My son asked me to name him.

          On September 12th (9-12-12) at 9:12 PM my 8 new children were born (4 sons & 4 daughters). They sat on my bed right next to Monmatiastone and Declaira.

Their names are:

1. Pravar Arash

2. Kei Manoush

3. Anshu Beami

4. Kyou Acasia

5. Azul Tyne

6. Renae Keeva

7. Imagine Safi

8. Zenah Jariah

On September 10th four more Primary Midwayers (2 males & 2 females) and four more Secondary Midwayers (2 males & 2 females), who were been chosen by the first 16 midwayers, have joined our family. They are going to help educate the children and I have appointed them positions on the Board of Directors also.

The names I gave them are:

1. Amiastar

2. Adarabell

3. Bramayne

4. Erelasen

5. Lucanpeer

6. Shennavel

7. Noamark

8. Thyralae

Celestyn Mirinda (Spirit-Fused) is pregnant with 100 babies along with Mischaella Robijn (Son-Fused) being pregnant with 100 also.

********September 17th, 2012 – 11:35 P.M. U.S.A. M.S.T.

I am assigning the Primary Supernaphim (attached to me) to the official watch care of Urantia. I give him all authority to utilize any and all personalities and beings to carry out his duties to their utmost ability.

                        I hereby give him this name:

                        Maxattainia Supremata Christensen

                        I am appointing him to the highest position on the Board of Directors: Supreme Watch Commander of Urantia********

                        ********September 23rd, 2012 – I am assigning the Solitary Messenger (attached to me) to the second position over Urantia.

                        I give him/her this name:

                        Solicia Messenia Christensen

                        Supreme Assistant Watch Commander of Urantia********

Maxattainia has recruited at least 2112 personalities from Paradise to minister and work for him & us on this sphere of Urantia. These 2112 are individuals of high origin. I will be identifying them soon.

******** 9-24-12 Among the 2112 high personalities recruited by Maxattainia there is an extraordinary Tertiaphim.

I have named her:

Prominiscia Serabundance Christensen

            I have appointed her to the Board of Directors in the position of Senior Chief Accountant. ********

September 23rd, 2012 – 8 more Midwayers (4 Primary & 4 Secondary) have joined our Divine Family. All  8 are male.

Their names are:

(Primary Midwayers)

1. Alex Steama

2. Brace Margin

3. Caleb Starea

4. Tame Terrence

(Secondary Midwayers)

      1. Purnia Leadlow

2. Deem Worthy

3. Everlean Proma

4. Ferty Marcain

Copyright ©2012 Chris Dwaine Christensen

Paper 38 A Substantial Family Progress Report

Paper 40 New Finaliter Potentials Achieved

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