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The Book of Majestone

Paper 36 Three Daynals from Paradise

         Arrived today August 29th, 2012 T 4:00 P.M. (M.S.T. U.S.A. Urantia) 3 Trinity Teacher Sons from Paradise (not from Nebadon).

They are assigned exclusively to our Divine Family Members to be Super Teachers in The School of Majestone. They will be concentrating their expertise by teaching my children and the various other family members (Seraphim, Cherubim, Sanobim, Midwayers, Son Fused, Spirit Fused & myself).

        These 3 Daynals came from Paradise after being selected by our Universal Father, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit. They went to Salvington first. They need not have gone to Uversa (They are already familiar with the Ancients of Days). On Salvington they waited for information and further instructions from the Ancients of Days of Orvonton. After receiving this data they then proceeded to Jerusem. On our system capital they attended a meeting with the 24 Counselors. When this meeting was finished they came directly to our headquarters base where we, “The Eventuals”, reside.

        I will not disclose their names. As usual I will choose names for them and appoint them to the Board of Directors.

1. Acaryatanaya – Super Teacher #1

2. Acharyanandana – Super Teacher #2

3. Acharyasuta – Super Teacher #3

We are all so pleased to have them join us, becoming members of our Divine Family and also being committed to the Childreamia project.

*** Starting in September 2012, “The School of Majestone” will be on the World Wide Web. I am offering this as a “Free Online Spiritual School”. The courses will include extensive studies of The Urantia Book and other spiritual topics. It will be available to all age groups. However, the content is High School and College level material. The School of Majestone (online) will be sponsored by various Paradise, Orvonton and Urantia Personalities. I will announce its internet debut as soon as it is published. ***

***August 30th, 10:30 A.M. ~ Two Archangels have been selected by the Divine Minister per my request. After further instructions they will arrive             to permanently join our Divine Family, even destined for Childreamia.


When they arrive I will choose names for them and appoint them positions on the Board of Directors under Soigner Biberon, our Brilliant Evening Star.***

***The 2 Archangels arrived just before midnight 8-30-12. Along with the Brilliant Evening Star, they will be a great trio. Our family is greatly             blessed.***

 Their names are:


1. Yulianarchatre Demetrius

2. Lafanchorage Domeley

Copyright ©2012 Chris Dwaine Christensen

Paper 35 Judgment Panel & Our First Brilliant Evening Star

Paper 37 Declaration of New Life Within - A Miracle

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