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The Book of Majestone

Paper 35 Judgment Panel & Our First Brilliant Evening Star

Judgment Panel

Urantia 606 of Satania

1. Mischaella Robijn – Son Fused

2. Sarayi Norin – Son Fused

3. Celestyn Mirinda – Spirit Fused

4. Bridget Layna – Spirit Fused

5. Sanny Levie – Uversa Personality

6. Sabre Femme – Uversa Personality

7. Donny Tomorrow – Uversa Personality

8. Cindy Goldenia – Secondary Midwayer

9. Tayisha Layodonna – Secondary Midwayer

10. Purienna Meadow – Secondary Midwayer

11. Davina Saniya – Secondary Midwayer

12. Melvina Sexcey – Secondary Midwayer

13. Sabella Irene – Secondary Midwayer

14. Ginger Auburn – Primary Midwayer

15. Kailiya Demetrianna – Primary Midwayer

16. Jamilah Reina – Primary Midwayer

17. Lizette Chaya – Primary Midwayer

18. Brisa Gienna – Primary Midwayer

19. Viridiana Kyra – Primary Midwayer

20. Itzella Evie – Primary Midwayer

21. Quianna Zariah – Primary Midwayer

22. Aileena Maxia – Primary Midwayer

23. Pilialoha Chiyoko – Primary Midwayer

24. Soigner Biberon – Brilliant Evening Star

     25.Yulianarchatre Demetrius - Archangel


     26. Lafanchorage Domeley - Archangel


     27. Chris Dwaine Christensen – Christ Michael – Faith Son of God – Sovereign Master Son Of Nebadon

Judgment Guidelines

Urantia 606 of Satania of Norlatiadek of Nebadon of Orvonton

1. Soul Status

A. Survived

B. Non-Survived

2. Records of Lifetime

A. Non-Criminal

B. Criminal

3. God Knowing

A. Faith Son

B. Non-Faith Son

4. Progress

A. Progressive

B. Non-Progressive

5. Condition

A. Physically Able

B. Non-Physically Able

6. Judgment Results

A. Remain

B. Taken

7. Placement

A. Supreme Status

B. Rehabilitation


August 27th, 2012 we welcomed our first Super-Angel ~ a Brilliant Evening Star. We are so delighted he has joined our ever growing divine family. I promptly gave him a name that he does also love: “Soigner Biberon”. Our family is so blessed!!

            After further consideration I have appointed this Brilliant Evening Star on the Board of Directors in the position of Chief Director of the Board of Trustees. All family members who have not been place on the Board of Directors, including all children, are Trustees.

******** 10-14-2012 I am requesting 1196 more Hosts of Seraphim as Universal Police Force Officers to be assigned here on Urantia to be in waiting of the pending judgment of mankind. They will assist Judgment Protocol and ensure the proper procedures are enacted when all humans must appear before the Judgment Panel.

1196 Hosts = 7,142,473,728 individual angels + 1,219,279,002 = 8,361,752,730 total Universal Police Force Officers.

(4,180,876,365 Pairs of Seraphim) ********

 Here is some information on Brilliant Evening Stars:

The Urantia Book

Paper 37

Personalities of the Local Universe

(406.1) 37:0.1 AT THE head of all personality in Nebadon stands the Creator and Master Son, Michael, the universe father and sovereign. Co-ordinate in divinity and complemental in creative attributes is the local universe Mother Spirit, the Divine Minister of Salvington. And these creators are in a very literal sense the Father-Son and the Spirit-Mother of all the native creatures of Nebadon.

(406.2) 37:0.2 Preceding papers have dealt with the created orders of sonship; succeeding narratives will portray the ministering spirits and the ascending orders of sonship. This paper is chiefly concerned with an intervening group, the Universe Aids, but it will also give brief consideration to certain of the higher spirits stationed in Nebadon and to certain of the orders of permanent citizenship in the local universe.

1. The Universe Aids

(406.3) 37:1.1 Many of the unique orders generally grouped in this category are unrevealed, but as presented in these papers, the Universe Aids include the following seven orders:

(406.4) 37:1.2 1. Bright and Morning Stars.
(406.5) 37:1.3 2. Brilliant Evening Stars.
(406.6) 37:1.4 3. Archangels.
(406.7) 37:1.5 4. Most High Assistants.
(406.8) 37:1.6 5. High Commissioners.
(406.9) 37:1.7 6. Celestial Overseers.
(406.10) 37:1.8 7. Mansion World Teachers.

(406.11) 37:1.9 Of the first order of Universe Aids, the Bright and Morning Stars, there is just one in each local universe, and he is the first-born of all creatures native to a local universe. The Bright and Morning Star of our universe is known as Gabriel of Salvington. He is the chief executive of all Nebadon, functioning as the personal representative of the Sovereign Son and as spokesman for his creative consort.

(406.12) 37:1.10 During the earlier times of Nebadon, Gabriel worked quite alone with Michael and the Creative Spirit. As the universe grew and administrative problems multiplied, he was provided with a personal staff of unrevealed assistants, and eventually this group was augmented by the creation of the Nebadon corps of Evening Stars.

2. The Brilliant Evening Stars

(407.1) 37:2.1 These brilliant creatures were planned by the Melchizedeks and were then brought into being by the Creator Son and the Creative Spirit. They serve in many capacities but chiefly as liaison officers of Gabriel, the local universe chief executive. One or more of these beings function as his representatives at the capital of every constellation and system in Nebadon.

(407.2) 37:2.2 As chief executive of Nebadon, Gabriel is ex officio chairman of, or observer at, most of the Salvington conclaves, and as many as one thousand of these are often in session simultaneously. The Brilliant Evening Stars represent Gabriel on these occasions; he cannot be in two places at the same time, and these superangels compensate for this limitation. They perform an analogous service for the corps of the Trinity Teacher Sons.

(407.3) 37:2.3 Though personally occupied with administrative duties, Gabriel maintains contact with all other phases of universe life and affairs through the Brilliant Evening Stars. They always accompany him on his planetary tours and frequently go on special missions to the individual planets as his personal representatives. On such assignments they have sometimes been known as “the angel of the Lord.” They frequently go to Uversa to represent the Bright and Morning Star before the courts and assemblies of the Ancients of Days, but they seldom journey beyond the confines of Orvonton.

(407.4) 37:2.4 The Brilliant Evening Stars are a unique twofold order, embracing some of created dignity and others of attained service. The Nebadon corps of these superangels now numbers 13,641. There are 4,832 of created dignity, while 8,809 are ascendant spirits who have attained this goal of exalted service. Many of these ascendant Evening Stars started their universe careers as seraphim; others have ascended from unrevealed levels of creature life. As an attainment goal this high corps is never closed to ascension candidates so long as a universe is not settled in light and life.

(407.5) 37:2.5 Both types of Brilliant Evening Stars are easily visible to morontia personalities and certain types of supermortal material beings. The created beings of this interesting and versatile order possess a spirit force which can be manifested independently of their personal presence.

(407.6) 37:2.6 The head of these superangels is Gavalia, the first-born of this order in Nebadon. Since the return of Christ Michael from his triumphant bestowal on Urantia, Gavalia has been assigned to the ascendant mortal ministry, and for the last nineteen hundred Urantia years his associate, Galantia, has maintained headquarters on Jerusem, where he spends about half of his time. Galantia is the first of the ascendant superangels to attain this high estate.

(407.7) 37:2.7 No grouping or company organization of the Brilliant Evening Stars exists other than their customary association in pairs on many assignments. They are not extensively assigned on missions pertaining to the ascendant career of mortals, but when thus commissioned, they never function alone. They always work in pairs — one a created being, the other an ascendant Evening Star.

(407.8) 37:2.8 One of the high duties of the Evening Stars is to accompany the Avonal bestowal Sons on their planetary missions, even as Gabriel accompanied Michael on his Urantia bestowal. The two attending superangels are the ranking personalities of such missions, serving as cocommanders of the archangels and all others assigned to these undertakings. It is the senior of these superangel commanders who, at the significant time and age, bids the Avonal bestowal Son, “Be about your brother's business.”

(408.1) 37:2.9 Similar pairs of these superangels are assigned to the planetary corps of Trinity Teacher Sons that functions to establish the postbestowal or dawning spiritual age of an inhabited world. On such assignments the Evening Stars serve as liaisons between the mortals of the realm and the invisible corps of Teacher Sons.

(408.2) 37:2.10 The Worlds of the Evening Stars. The sixth group of seven Salvington worlds and their forty-two tributary satellites are assigned to the administration of the Brilliant Evening Stars. The seven primary worlds are presided over by the created orders of these superangels, while the tributary satellites are administered by ascendant Evening Stars.

(408.3) 37:2.11 The satellites of the first three worlds are devoted to the schools of the Teacher Sons and the Evening Stars dedicated to the spirit personalities of the local universe. The next three groups are occupied by similar joint schools devoted to the training of ascending mortals. The seventh-world satellites are reserved for the triune deliberations of the Teacher Sons, the Evening Stars, and the finaliters. During recent times these superangels have been closely identified with the local universe work of the Corps of the Finality, and they have long been associated with the Teacher Sons. There exists a liaison of tremendous power and import between the Evening Stars and the Gravity Messengers attached to the finaliter working groups. The seventh primary world itself is reserved for those unrevealed matters which pertain to the future relationship that will obtain between the Teacher Sons, the finaliters, and the Evening Stars consequent upon the completed emergence of the superuniverse manifestation of the personality of God the Supreme.

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Paper 34 Divine Intervention ~ Special Operations

Paper 36 Three Daynals from Paradise

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