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The Book of Majestone

Paper 34 Divine Intervention ~ Special Operations

         August 25th, 2012 ~ I am assigning Special Operations teams to intervene in world affairs. They are simultaneously added to the Board of Directors as follows:

Computer Interjections

Operating Systems Supervisor - Abichayilyah Christensen

Asst. OS Supervisor -                 Abital Christensen

Code Embedding Engineering -   Achinoam Christensen

Code Engineering Asst. -             Achsah Christensen

Code Development Chief -          Adah Christensen

Code Development Asst. -          Adiel Christensen

Implementations Director -         Adene Christensen

Implementations Asst. -              Adonia Christensen

Global Dispersion Chief -           Ahavah Christensen

Global Dispersion Asst. -           Alzbeta Christensen

Computer Injections Manager -  Anaiah Christensen

C.I. Assistant Manager -             Apphia Christensen

Geographical Deployment

Continent Target Commander - Areli Christensen

Continent Targets Asst. -           Ascah Christensen

National Targets Chief -             Ashera Christensen

National Targets Asst. -             Atalya Christensen

Base Operations Supervisor -    Atara Christensen

Base Operations Asst. -             Athalie Christensen

Terminal Interface Director -     Avia Christensen

T.I. Asst. Director -                   Avigail Christensen

Prompt Activation Overseer -   Azaria Christensen

Prompt Activations Asst. -       Bashemath Christensen

Sequence Coordinator -            Beula Christensen

Asst. Sequence Coordinator -   Bithia Christensen

Special Operations Squadron

Commander -                              Channah Christensen

Asst. Commander -                     Chava Christensen

Squad Captain -                          Dara Christensen

Squad Tech Sergeant -                 Devorah Christensen

Squad Leader 1 -                          Ealasaid Christensen

Squad Leader 2 -                          Eeva Christensen

Ground Equipment Supervisor - Efrata Christensen

Asst. Ground Equipment -          Elisabeta Christensen

Arsenal Deployment Director -    Elisheva Christensen

Arsenal Deployment Asst. -         Elisha Christensen

Observation & Communications

Global Ops Watch Director -      Emmanuelle Christensen

Global Ops Watch Asst. -           Eri Christensen

Communications Synchronizer - Eunike Christensen

Comms Synchronizer Asst. -       Eziekela Christensen

Global Harmony Director -         Geniscia Christensen

Global Harmony Asst. -              Hadriella Christensen

Reactive Retaliations Chief -       Hajna Christensen

Reactive Retaliations Asst. -       Hephzibah Christensen

Initiative Strike Commander -     Hosannah Christensen

Initiative Strike Asst. -                Iralynn Christensen

Secondary Strike Director -         Jecholiah Christensen

Secondary Strike Asst. -              Jemimah Christensen

Transitory Strike Chief -             Jerushah Christensen

Transitory Strike Asst. -             Jochebed Christensen

Strategic Implementations

Projects Commander -                   Brinianna Fantaculus Christensen

Deactivations Supervisor -            Sherry Citar Christensen

Deactivations Assistant Super -    Breaia Berry Christensen

Kernel Nodes Implementations -   Dewra Melon Christensen

Kernal Nodes Improvisor -           Gracei Morning Christensen

Outsource Coordinator -               Lennia Elise Christensen

Insource Coordinator -                  Oriona Oquirrh Christensen

Tactical Implementors

Grid Intersections Director -         Vanille Villa Christensen

Grid Intersections Assistant -        Passien Paysley Christensen

Black Grids Coordinator -             Comque Carrie Christensen

Black Grids Assistant -                  Kiwia Katelyn Christensen

Brown Grids Coordinator -            Stronya Shelle Christensen

Grids Assistant -                            Pilialoha Chiyoko Christensen

Grids Assistant -                            Sabella Irene Christensen

Power Systems Director -               Carissa Elysia Christensen

Power Systems Assistant -             Temperance Deandra Christensen

         These Special Operation angels are given the authority to utilize any angelic and midwayer forces necessary to carry out their missions. All members are to deploy at will and sight of opportunity in response to our current planetary crisis.

********Officialized at 3:16 A.M. MST U.S.A. Urantia of Nebadon 8-25-2012 by Master General Chris Dwaine Christensen AKA: Majestone AKA: Christ Michael 611,121st Paradise Sovereign Master Son of Nebadon Planetary Prince of Urantia********

Copyright ©2012 Chris Dwaine Christensen

Paper 33 The United Eventuals Of Childreamia

Paper 35 Judgment Panel & Our First Brilliant Evening Star

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