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The Book of Majestone

Paper 33 The United Eventuals of Childreamia

            Monday August 20th, 2012 6:00 A.M.

It has been decided, with no limitations placed on my Fathership or Husbandry (by our Universal Father) that I am allowed to mate with Midwayers from Urantia. In agreement with the United Midwayer Commission there will 8 Primary (9,881) - 8 = 9,873) midwayers and 5 secondary (1,111) - 5 = 1,106) midwayers to join our Divine Family and each will mate with me and be destined for Childreamia. Thank you Father God, we love you and worship you forever!!  

            On August 22nd, 11:35 P.M. 3 more midwayers joined us, 2 Primary and 1 Secondary. That makes 16 total for the Majestone Organization. And left for Urantia are 9,871 Primaries and 1,105 Secondaries (10,976 Total).

I appointed these midwayers positions on the board of directors as follows:

Intermediary Transitions   

                                               Primary Midwayers

Chief -                                   Ginger Auburn Christensen

Asst. Chief -                          Kailiah Demitrianna Christensen

Harmony Supervisor -           Viridianna Kyra Christensen

Asst. Harmonist -                  Jamilah Reina Christensen

Communications Director -    Itzella Evie Christensen

Asst. Comm. Director -         Lizette Chaya Christensen

Communications Helper -      Aileena Maxia Christensen

Communications Helper -      Pilialoha Chiyoko Christensen

Observation Commander -     Brisa Gienna Christensen

Asst. Obs. Commander -       Quianna Zariah Christensen

                                              Secondary Midwayers

Physics Director -                 Cindy Goldenia Christensen    

Asst. Physics Dir. -               Tayisha Layodonna Christensen

Physics Helper -                    Sabella Irene Christensen  

Human Relations Officer -     Purienna Meadow Christensen

Asst. Human Rel. Officer -    Davina Saniya Christensen

Human Relations Helper -      Melvina Sexcey Christensen

       Another great thing that happened on August 22nd is all the midwayers asked to attend the School of Majestone. They were promptly admitted. They will start school immediately.

         On August 21st, 2012 at 12:00 Noon Zoe Cleare Gave birth to 101 children, 50 sons and 51 daughters.

(It just so happens to also be the birthday and time of Joshua Ben Joseph (7.B.C.)

Their names are:

1. Baiha

2. Bainiah

3. Bakiribum

4. Ballari

5. Baliant

6. Basimalory

7. Barbodarakat

8. Basiravin

9. Bardian

10. Batyangel

11. Bardigan

12. Batuliah

13. Barkey

14. Bayarmaa

15. Baruchris

16. Bayleah

17. Barzillai

18. Beatriz

19. Basilim

20. Behithalia

21. Bastien

22. Belen

23. Basireign

24. Belicia

25. Batzorigarrison

26. Bellinice

27. Bazylibatu

28. Bemzoe

29. Beaumahsee

30. Benicialey

31. Beharlord

32. Bertillena

33. Belayden

34. Bessienay

35. Benevutian

36. Bethwyndy

37. Benniton

38. Betseyes

39. Benoberg

40. Betryscia

41. Belvis

42. Bessyttina

43. Bidaban

44. Beyleanna

45. Bhavyabijan

46. Bibianne

47. Bijoui

48. Bideliabikita

49. Birungi

50. Bimalaya

51. Blazear

52. Bindi

53. Blissten

54. Birdy

55. Bogmil

56. Blanclaire

57. Bodieohdan

58. Blodwynna

59. Boniface

60. Bozica

61. Bornaorka

62. Brachalley

63. Boutros

64. Brankatey

65. Brayden

66. Branxti

67. Braimaeno

68. Braylina

69. Brandovi

70. Breahnaldi

71. Brankoti

72. Breamissidawn

73. Brantommi

74. Brechtje

75. Braulio

76. Breedana

77. Bredellen

78. Breindelaney

79. Breindelphin

80. Bridgella

81. Brencisco

82. Brighidie

83. Breyon

84. Brilliantina

85. Brightonsoni

86. Bronwenna

87. Brosh

88. Bronteia

89. Broox

90. Bronxi

91. Brynner

92. Brooki

93. Buanangel

94. Brunonia

95. Buntastory

96. Bushrae

97. Burke

98. Bryndis

99. Bwaine

100. Bambinaji

101. Banji

Also on the evening of August 21st a Census Director, a Universal Conciliator and a Recording Angel interviewed me and questioned me concerning my identity and other pertinent questions. I was found to be completely truthful when I answered my earthly name (Chris Dwaine Christensen) and my universe name (Christ Michael).

After the interview the angel of record released the registration of my bestowal commission and Universal Identification Papers. Now all the universe personalities and all those also attending to my personal ministry have on record my true identity (Christ Michael) and my bestowal commission.

Here is some information about Midwayers from the Urantia Book:

The Urantia Book

Paper 77

The Midway Creatures

(855.1) 77:0.1 MOST of the inhabited worlds of Nebadon harbor one or more groups of unique beings existing on a life-functioning level about midway between those of the mortals of the realms and of the angelic orders; hence are they called midway creatures. They appear to be an accident of time, but they occur so widespreadly and are so valuable as helpers that we have all long since accepted them as one of the essential orders of our combined planetary ministry.

(855.2) 77:0.2 On Urantia there function two distinct orders of midwayers: the primary or senior corps, who came into being back in the days of Dalamatia, and the secondary or younger group, whose origin dates from the times of Adam.

1. The Primary Midwayers

(855.3) 77:1.1 The primary midwayers have their genesis in a unique interassociation of the material and the spiritual on Urantia. We know of the existence of similar creatures on other worlds and in other systems, but they originated by dissimilar techniques.

(855.4) 77:1.2 It is well always to bear in mind that the successive bestowals of the Sons of God on an evolving planet produce marked changes in the spiritual economy of the realm and sometimes so modify the workings of the interassociation of spiritual and material agencies on a planet as to create situations indeed difficult of understanding. The status of the one hundred corporeal members of Prince Caligastia’s staff illustrates just such a unique interassociation: As ascendant morontia citizens of Jerusem they were supermaterial creatures without reproductive prerogatives. As descendant planetary ministers on Urantia they were material sex creatures capable of procreating material offspring (as some of them later did). What we cannot satisfactorily explain is how these one hundred could function in the parental role on a supermaterial level, but that is exactly what happened. A supermaterial (nonsexual) liaison of a male and a female member of the corporeal staff resulted in the appearance of the first-born of the primary midwayers.

(855.5) 77:1.3 It was immediately discovered that a creature of this order, midway between the mortal and angelic levels, would be of great service in carrying on the affairs of the Prince’s headquarters, and each couple of the corporeal staff was accordingly granted permission to produce a similar being. This effort resulted in the first group of fifty midway creatures.

(855.6) 77:1.4 After a year of observing the work of this unique group, the Planetary Prince authorized the reproduction of midwayers without restriction. This plan was carried out as long as the power to create continued, and the original corps of 50,000 was accordingly brought into being.

6. The Secondary Midwayers

(862.5) 77:6.1 While the primary midwayers had a well-nigh superhuman origin, the secondary order are the offspring of the pure Adamic stock united with a humanized descendant of ancestors common to the parentage of the senior corps.

(862.6) 77:6.2 Among the children of Adamson there were just sixteen of the peculiar progenitors of the secondary midwayers. These unique children were equally divided as regards sex, and each couple was capable of producing a secondary midwayer every seventy days by a combined technique of sex and nonsex liaison. And such a phenomenon was never possible on earth before that time, nor has it ever occurred since.

8. The United Midwayers

(864.2) 77:8.1 At the last adjudication of this world, when Michael removed the slumbering survivors of time, the midway creatures were left behind, left to assist in the spiritual and semispiritual work on the planet. They now function as a single corps, embracing both orders and numbering 10,992. The United Midwayers of Urantia are at present governed alternately by the senior member of each order. This regime has obtained since their amalgamation into one group shortly after Pentecost.

(864.3) 77:8.2 The members of the older or primary order are generally known by numerals; they are often given names such as 1-2-3 the first, 4-5-6 the first, and so on. On Urantia the Adamic midwayers are designated alphabetically in order to distinguish them from the numerical designation of the primary midwayers.

(864.4) 77:8.3 Both orders are nonmaterial beings as regards nutrition and energy intake, but they partake of many human traits and are able to enjoy and follow your humor as well as your worship. When attached to mortals, they enter into the spirit of human work, rest, and play. But midwayers do not sleep, neither do they possess powers of procreation. In a certain sense the secondary group are differentiated along the lines of maleness and femaleness, often being spoken of as “he” or “she.” They often work together in such pairs.

(864.5) 77:8.4 Midwayers are not men, neither are they angels, but secondary midwayers are, in nature, nearer man than angel; they are, in a way, of your races and are, therefore, very understanding and sympathetic in their contact with human beings; they are invaluable to the seraphim in their work for and with the various races of mankind, and both orders are indispensable to the seraphim who serve as personal guardians to mortals.

(864.6) 77:8.5 The United Midwayers of Urantia are organized for service with the planetary seraphim in accordance with innate endowments and acquired skills, in the following groups:

(864.7) 77:8.6 1. Midway messengers. This group bear names; they are a small corps and are of great assistance on an evolutionary world in the service of quick and reliable personal communication.

(864.8) 77:8.7 2. Planetary sentinels. Midwayers are the guardians, the sentinels, of the worlds of space. They perform the important duties of observers for all the numerous phenomena and types of communication which are of import to the supernatural beings of the realm. They patrol the invisible spirit realm of the planet.

(865.1) 77:8.8 3. Contact personalities. In the contacts made with the mortal beings of the material worlds, such as with the subject through whom these communications were transmitted, the midway creatures are always employed. They are an essential factor in such liaisons of the spiritual and the material levels.

(865.2) 77:8.9 4. Progress helpers. These are the more spiritual of the midway creatures, and they are distributed as assistants to the various orders of seraphim who function in special groups on the planet.

Copyright ©2012 Chris Dwaine Christensen

Paper 32 “Music is the Language of Havona” & A Childreamia Project

Paper 34 Divine Intervention ~ Special Operations

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