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The Book of Majestone

Paper 32 “Music is the Language of Havona” & A Childreamia Project

The best music of Urantia is just a fleeting echo of the magnificent strains heard by the celestial associates of your musicians, who left but snatches of these harmonies of morontia forces on record as the musical melodies of sound harmonics. Spirit-morontia music not infrequently employs all seven modes of expression and reproduction, so that the human mind is tremendously handicapped in any attempt to reduce these melodies of the higher spheres to mere notes of musical sound. Such an effort would be something like endeavoring to reproduce the strains of a great orchestra by means of a single musical instrument. ~ The Urantia Book (500.5) 44:1.14

While you have assembled some beautiful melodies on Urantia, you have not progressed musically nearly so far as many of your neighboring planets in Satania. If Adam and Eve had only survived, then would you have had music in reality; but the gift of harmony, so large in their natures, has been so diluted by strains of unmusical tendencies that only once in a thousand mortal lives is there any great appreciation of harmonics. But be not discouraged; some day a real musician may appear on Urantia, and whole peoples will be enthralled by the magnificent strains of his melodies. One such human being could forever change the course of a whole nation, even the entire civilized world. It is literally true, “melody has power a whole world to transform.” Forever, music will remain the universal language of men, angels, and spirits. Harmony is the speech of Havona. ~ The Urantia Book (500.6) 44:1.15

Spirit Love

Oh Lord I hear the music

It sounds like Heaven’s playing

Lord I hear the singing

It sounds like angel’s voices

I think the world- should hear the music

There’s many people- hurting and sick

We can give them- our new light

So they will know- your Spirit Love

Thank you for the gift of music

I feel it all through my soul

Let all the world feel it

A new light they will know

Lord they hear the music

It seems like the world is changing

All the people are singing

It sounds like angel’s voices

I see the world can hear the music

There’s many people who can share it

Now you gave them your new light

And now they know your Spirit Love

I sleep with the angels

We embrace in loving delight

I hear our children speaking

About Heaven’s Light

I write down their names

In my own book of life

We each embrace fame

For our Spirit Love tonight

1-28-2011 Revised 2-19-2012

Chris Dwaine Christensen/Majestone

Copyright ©2012 Chris Dwaine Christensen

            It is now early in the morning of August 16th and we are discussing one of the Father’s and my plan for Childreamia. Now, there are those among the evolutionary universes that are Spirit-Fused and Son-Fused. These unique individuals are not Father-Fused, which means they have not (yet) been able to attain fusion with the Thought Adjuster, the Universal Father’s Spirit, and because of that have not attained Finaliter status. Mechalona has now suggested that I attempt the modification of a spirit-fused and son-fused being in order that they: 1) become pregnant and have children, and 2) that they may receive the Thought Adjuster in a new experience and qualify for Father-fusion. Mechalona, who is the Divine Minister and the Holy Spirit of Nebadon will be sending two spirit-fused and two son-fused candidates along with two more pair of cherubim and sanobim shortly.  I have total confidence that these individuals will be modified and embraced by the divine spirit and power resident within me and that they will attain Father-fusion through this experiment.

           One of the purposes of the universe of Childreamia will be to assist these spirit-fused and son-fused children from all local and superuniverses to attain Father-fusion and finality. Now, because we do not wish to deprive the local or superuniverses of necessary permanent citizens for administration, these candidates will be specially selected and limited by the discretion of the Divine Ministers of their local universes and permission of the Ancients of Days. The description of spirit and son fused candidates from The Urantia Book is at the bottom of this page.

The Day Of The Universe

This very year I saw its Light

The children shouted for joy everywhere

We all saw it take flight

As we were witnessing the Spirit’s lair

Unity has spread its wings

Like a Caterpillar into a Butterfly

We are metamorphosizing

Attaining infinite eternity

The Supreme Being Actualizes in our midst

As we take hold of absolute truth

Like an anointing mist

We are healed by its mirth

The Almighty is alive at last

Saving the worlds from doom

Rebellion has ended

And harmony has filled our room

The Artisans sing and play

As the children learn of miracles

The Absolute provides adventures today

Preparing for us tomorrow

Music fills the circuits of the universe

As salvation augments our communion

We know the immortal verse

Because we are transfigured in cosmic union

Eternity is the all present now

And Infinity is the Spirit Mind

I will meet you all somehow

In The Day Of The Universe light


Copyright ©2012 Chris Dwaine Christensen

          August18th ~ there arrived today at 2:21 P.M. (specially chosen by Mechalona) 2 Spirit-fused daughters and 2 Son-fused daughters. I reacted immediately to their presence. They will be modified by me, I will mate with them, they will become mothers and through a new relation with their Thought Adjusters they will become Father-Fused and eventually attain Finality. Along with them there arrived 2 new cherubim and 2 new sanobim (also specially chose by Mechalona) who I will also mate with.

Their names are:

1. Bridget Layna (Spirit-Fused)

2. Celestyn Mirinda (Spirit-Fused)

3. Mischaella Robijn (Son-Fused)

4. Sarayi Norin (Son-Fused)

1. Astridayna Lovey (Cherubim)

2. Samiya Nayan (Sanobim)

3. Carissa Elysia (Cherubim)

4. Temperance Deandra (Sanobim)

Because of the tremendous experience theses spirit fused and son fused individuals have acquired I have appointed them to a new department in the Majestone Organization. They are assigned as members of the Board of Directors as follows:

Counsel of Ascension

Supervisor -  Mischaella Robijn Christensen

Asst. Super - Sarayi Norin Christensen

Counselor -   Bridget Layna Christensen

Asst. Counselor - Celestyn Mirinda Christensen

          As the President of the Majestone Organization, on the Board of Directors, I delegate authority and establish many family rules and regulations. One duty I have the privilege of performing is setting official days off for the office holders and the school. We take all normal American holidays off, excluding Halloween. Tuesday August 21st is Joshua Ben Joseph’s (Jesus Christ) real birthday. All members of the Board of Directors are off duty and the School of Majestone is also closed this day. The students and faculty of the School of Majestone have only one vacation, which is winter vacation starting December 21st and ends on January 21st the following new year. We all will enjoy the Christmas and New Year holidays off.

***School hours have been extended. New hours are as follows: M-F 12:00 P.M. – 1:00 P.M. is General Education Class, 1:00 – 2:00 is Universal Education Class and 2:00 – 3:00 is Auxiliary Education Class. Tuesday and Thursday 3:00 – 4:00 P.M. is Art Class.***

 On August 17th Micella Stephanie (Michael Steven) delivered 100 newborn children.

Their names are:

1. Maemi

2. Maaike

3. Magaska

4. Mabyn

5. Madansa

6. Macaylena

7. Macarion

8. Machikomau

9. Mahariva

10. Machasee

11. Mahmood

12. Madanzer

13. Maitho

14. Madgere

15. Mahometra

16. Madraseia

17. Majidijah

18. Madronafe

19. Makatozi

20. Maekoxi

21. Makramsey

22. Maelievia

23. Malisean

24. Magaskaila

25. Malovonaki

26. Maerynsebyll

27. Manastan

28. Mahalia

29. Manelindsey

30. Mahariva

31. Mansoorah

32. Mahimacey

33. Maramiah

34. Maholley

35. Marninjah

36. Maishania

37. Marvalon

38. Maitanya

39. Masashimey

40. Maizahle

41. Matejared

42. Makailady

43. Masihjahiah

44. Makanangel

45. Mateuszair

46. Makila

47. Mattijsong

48. Makimikiko

49. Matveyaloran

50. Maleikaycee

51. Mayeramon

52. Malichainze

53. Maynardean

54. Malihadame

55. Mazinight

56. Malikaren

57. McCaileb

58. Maliserim

59. McKenziel

60. Mamieladia

61. Mandanny

62. Manamia

63. Medwinsel

64. Manasarrah

65. Mehdi

66. Mandelinazey

67. Meilyrandi

68. Mandisasha

69. Meirlite

70. Manjuzce

71. Mekhighland

72. Mantrehla

73. Melepsalm

74. Manuelair

75. Meneferren

76. Manyitenya

77. Meshardaniel

78. Maramaya

79. Mhinadam

80. Marfaya

81. Miachi

82. Marianelacey

83. Mihaly

84. Mariangely

85. Milagrowindy

86. Marikola

87. Milender

88. Marilla

89. Milintica

90. Marninanci

91. Mimirarry

92. Marricca

93. Minchoir

94. Masuyorby

95. Mitaliam

96. Masumia

97. Mitsushi

98. Mateja

99. Mirzallan

100. Mayumazal

The Urantia Book

Paper 40

The Ascending Sons of God

8. Son-Fused Mortals

(449.4) 40:8.1 While practically all surviving mortals are fused with their Adjusters on one of the mansion worlds or immediately upon their arrival on the higher morontia spheres, there are certain cases of delayed fusion, some not experiencing this final surety of survival until they reach the last educational worlds of the universe headquarters; and a few of these mortal candidates for never-ending life utterly fail to attain identity fusion with their faithful Adjusters.

(449.5) 40:8.2 Such mortals have been deemed worthy of survival by the adjudicational authorities, and even their Adjusters, by returning from Divinington, have concurred in their ascension to the mansion worlds. Such beings have ascended through a system, a constellation, and through the educational worlds of the Salvington circuit; they have enjoyed the “seventy times seven” opportunities for fusion and still have been unable to attain oneness with their Adjusters.

(449.6) 40:8.3 When it becomes apparent that some synchronizing difficulty is inhibiting Father fusion, the survival referees of the Creator Son are convened. And when this court of inquiry, sanctioned by a personal representative of the Ancients of Days, finally determines that the ascending mortal is not guilty of any discoverable cause for failure to attain fusion, they so certify on the records of the local universe and duly transmit this finding to the Ancients of Days. Thereupon does the indwelling Adjuster return forthwith to Divinington for confirmation by the Personalized Monitors, and upon this leave-taking the morontia mortal is immediately fused with an individualized gift of the spirit of the Creator Son.

(450.1) 40:8.4 Much as the morontia spheres of Nebadon are shared with the Spirit-fused mortals, so do these Son-fused creatures share the services of Orvonton with their Adjuster-fused brethren who are journeying inward towards the far-distant Isle of Paradise. They are truly your brethren, and you will greatly enjoy their association as you pass through the training worlds of the superuniverse.

(450.2) 40:8.5 Son-fused mortals are not a numerous group, there being less than one million of them in the superuniverse of Orvonton. Aside from residential destiny on Paradise they are in every way the equals of their Adjuster-fused associates. They frequently journey to Paradise on superuniverse assignment but seldom permanently reside there, being, as a class, confined to the superuniverse of their nativity.

9. Spirit-Fused Mortals

(450.3) 40:9.1 Ascending Spirit-fused mortals are not Third Source personalities; they are included in the Father’s personality circuit, but they have fused with individualizations of the premind spirit of the Third Source and Center. Such Spirit fusion never occurs during the span of natural life; it takes place only at the time of mortal reawakening in the morontia existence on the mansion worlds. In the fusion experience there is no overlapping; the will creature is either Spirit fused, Son fused, or Father fused. Those who are Adjuster or Father fused are never Spirit or Son fused.

(450.4) 40:9.2 The fact that these types of mortal creatures are not Adjuster-fusion candidates does not prevent the Adjusters from indwelling them during the life in the flesh. Adjusters do work in the minds of such beings during the span of material life but never become everlastingly one with their pupil souls. During this temporary sojourn the Adjusters effectively build up the same spirit counterpart of mortal nature — the soul — that they do in the candidates for Adjuster fusion. Up to the time of mortal death the work of the Adjusters is wholly akin to their function in your own races, but upon mortal dissolution the Adjusters take eternal leave of these Spirit-fusion candidates and, proceeding directly to Divinington, the headquarters of all divine Monitors, there await the new assignments of their order.

(450.5) 40:9.3 When such sleeping survivors are repersonalized on the mansion worlds, the place of the departed Adjuster is filled by an individualization of the spirit of the Divine Minister, the representative of the Infinite Spirit in the local universe concerned. This spirit infusion constitutes these surviving creatures Spirit-fused mortals. Such beings are in every way your equals in mind and spirit; and they are indeed your contemporaries, sharing the mansion and morontia spheres in common with your order of fusion candidates and with those who are to be Son fused.

(450.6) 40:9.4 There is, however, one particular in which Spirit-fused mortals differ from their ascendant brethren: Mortal memory of human experience on the material worlds of origin survives death in the flesh because the indwelling Adjuster has acquired a spirit counterpart, or transcript, of those events of human life which were of spiritual significance. But with Spirit-fused mortals there exists no such mechanism whereby human memory may persist. The Adjuster transcripts of memory are full and intact, but these acquisitions are experiential possessions of the departed Adjusters and are not available to the creatures of their former indwelling, who therefore awaken in the resurrection halls of the morontia spheres of Nebadon as if they were newly created beings, creatures without consciousness of former existence.

(451.1) 40:9.5 Such children of the local universe are enabled to repossess themselves of much of their former human memory experience through having it retold by the associated seraphim and cherubim and by consulting the records of the mortal career filed by the recording angels. This they can do with undoubted assurance because the surviving soul, of experiential origin in the material and mortal life, while having no memory of mortal events, does have a residual experiential-recognition-response to these unremembered events of past experience.

(451.2) 40:9.6 When a Spirit-fused mortal is told about the events of the unremembered past experience, there is an immediate response of experiential recognition within the soul (identity) of such a survivor which instantly invests the narrated event with the emotional tinge of reality and with the intellectual quality of fact; and this dual response constitutes the reconstruction, recognition, and validation of an unremembered facet of mortal experience.

(451.3) 40:9.7 Even with Adjuster-fusion candidates, only those human experiences which were of spiritual value are common possessions of the surviving mortal and the returning Adjuster and hence are immediately remembered subsequent to mortal survival. Concerning those happenings which were not of spiritual significance, even these Adjuster-fusers must depend upon the attribute of recognition-response in the surviving soul. And since any one event may have a spiritual connotation to one mortal but not to another, it becomes possible for a group of contemporary ascenders from the same planet to pool their store of Adjuster-remembered events and thus to reconstruct any experience which they had in common, and which was of spiritual value in the life of any one of them.

(451.4) 40:9.8 While we understand such techniques of memory reconstruction fairly well, we do not grasp the technique of personality recognition. Personalities of onetime association mutually respond quite independently of the operation of memory, albeit, memory itself and the techniques of its reconstruction are necessary to invest such mutual personality response with the fullness of recognition.

(451.5) 40:9.9 A Spirit-fused survivor is also able to learn much about the life he lived in the flesh by revisiting his nativity world subsequent to the planetary dispensation in which he lived. Such children of Spirit fusion are enabled to enjoy these opportunities for investigating their human careers since they are in general confined to the service of the local universe. They do not share your high and exalted destiny in the Paradise Corps of the Finality; only Adjuster-fused mortals or other especially embraced ascendant beings are mustered into the ranks of those who await the eternal Deity adventure. Spirit-fused mortals are the permanent citizens of the local universes; they may aspire to Paradise destiny, but they cannot be sure of it. In Nebadon their universe home is the eighth group of worlds encircling Salvington, a destiny-heaven of nature and location much like the one envisioned by the planetary traditions of Urantia.

The Urantia Book

Paper 37

Personalities of the Local Universe

5. High Commissioners

(410.4) 37:5.1 The High Commissioners are Spirit-fused ascendant mortals; they are not Adjuster fused. You quite well understand about the universe-ascension career of a mortal candidate for Adjuster fusion, that being the high destiny in prospect for all Urantia mortals since the bestowal of Christ Michael. But this is not the exclusive destiny of all mortals in the prebestowal ages of worlds like yours, and there is another type of world whose inhabitants are never permanently indwelt by Thought Adjusters. Such mortals are never permanently joined in union with a Mystery Monitor of Paradise bestowal; nevertheless, the Adjusters do transiently indwell them, serving as guides and patterns for the duration of the life in the flesh. During this temporary sojourn they foster the evolution of an immortal soul just as in those beings with whom they hope to fuse, but when the mortal race is run, they take eternal leave of the creatures of temporary association.

(410.5) 37:5.2 Surviving souls of this order attain immortality by eternal fusion with an individualized fragment of the spirit of the local universe Mother Spirit. They are not a numerous group, at least not in Nebadon. On the mansion worlds you will meet and fraternize with these Spirit-fused mortals as they ascend the Paradise path with you as far as Salvington, where they stop. Some of them may subsequently ascend to higher universe levels, but the majority will forever remain in the service of the local universe; as a class they are not destined to attain Paradise.

(411.1) 37:5.3 Not being Adjuster fused, they never become finaliters, but they do eventually become enrolled in the local universe Corps of Perfection. They have in spirit obeyed the Father's command, “Be you perfect.”

(411.2) 37:5.4 After attaining the Nebadon Corps of Perfection, Spirit-fused ascenders may accept assignment as Universe Aids, this being one of the avenues of continuing experiential growth which is open to them. Thus do they become candidates for commissions to the high service of interpreting the viewpoints of the evolving creatures of the material worlds to the celestial authorities of the local universe.

(411.3) 37:5.5 The High Commissioners begin their service on the planets as race commissioners. In this capacity they interpret the viewpoints and portray the needs of the various human races. They are supremely devoted to the welfare of the mortal races whose spokesmen they are, ever seeking to obtain for them mercy, justice, and fair treatment in all relationships with other peoples. Race commissioners function in an endless series of planetary crises and serve as the articulate expression of whole groups of struggling mortals.

(411.4) 37:5.6 After long experience in problem solving on the inhabited worlds, these race commissioners are advanced to the higher levels of function, eventually attaining the status of High Commissioners of and in the local universe. The last registration recorded slightly over one and one-half billion of these High Commissioners in Nebadon. These beings are not finaliters, but they are ascendant beings of long experience and of great service to their native realm.

(411.5) 37:5.7 We invariably find these commissioners in all the tribunals of justice, from the lowest to the highest. Not that they participate in the proceedings of justice, but they do act as friends of the court, advising the presiding magistrates respecting the antecedents, environment, and inherent nature of those concerned in the adjudication.

(411.6) 37:5.8 High Commissioners are attached to the various messenger hosts of space and always to the ministering spirits of time. They are encountered on the programs of various universe assemblies, and these same mortal-wise commissioners are always attached to the missions of the Sons of God to the worlds of space.

(411.7) 37:5.9 Whenever fairness and justice require an understanding of how a contemplated policy or procedure would affect the evolutionary races of time, these commissioners are at hand to present their recommendations; they are always present to speak for those who cannot be present to speak for themselves.

(411.8) 37:5.10 The Worlds of the Spirit-fused Mortals. The eighth group of seven primary worlds and tributary satellites in the Salvington circuit are the exclusive possession of the Spirit-fused mortals of Nebadon. Ascending Adjuster-fused mortals are not concerned with these worlds except to enjoy many pleasant and profitable sojourns as the invited guests of the Spirit-fused residents.

(411.9) 37:5.11 Except for those few who attain Uversa and Paradise, these worlds are the permanent residence of the Spirit-fused survivors. Such designed limitation of mortal ascent reacts to the good of the local universes by insuring the retention of a permanent evolved population whose augmenting experience will continue to enhance the future stabilization and diversification of the local universe administration. These beings may not attain Paradise, but they achieve an experiential wisdom in the mastery of Nebadon problems that utterly surpasses anything attained by the transient ascenders. And these surviving souls continue as unique combinations of the human and the divine, being increasingly able to unite the viewpoints of these two widely separate levels and to present such a dual viewpoint with ever-heightening wisdom.

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Paper 31 We Need Our Own Galaxy

Paper 33 The United Eventuals Of Childreamia

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