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The Book of Majestone

Paper 28 Universal Police Force & Universal Bureau of Internal Affairs

           In the times preceding 2005, before the first 10 spirit children were born I had an idea for a Universal Police Force and the Universal Bureau of Internal Affairs division. The plan was to enact an administration that would work in the event of any crisis or universe emergency where spiritual police officers would be needed. And if there were to be a U.P.F. department there would also have to be a U.B.I.A. division for checks and balances. The Nebadon universe government took notice.

            *(Fast Forward to May 16th, 2012) – There are now over 1300 family members (The Eventuals) and just today there appeared a uniformed officer, including badge and insignia, and an agent with a different uniform, badge and insignia. This officer has announced her presence and identified herself as an officer of the Universal Police Force (She is acting Chief) and she is accompanied by a Universal Bureau of Internal Affairs agent. They were immediately assigned to our rapidly growing community of spiritual family members. They are assigned to their posts to protect and to serve us. Immanuel and Gabriel, in corroboration with the Most Highs of Norlatiadek, have established these administrative departments in response to our increasing numbers. This Chief of Police has made it known to us that though they are the only officers as of now, many beings have volunteered to serve with these divisions and their applications are being presently looked over. We are looking forward to future developments.*

*May 18th, 2012 – I have been informed that there were more than 10,000 applicants that volunteered for the U.P.F. and U.B.I.A. divisions. 100 officers of each division have been sworn in with more to come. These 200 officers will be arriving on Urantia Shortly.

            *July 6th 2012. Today I am requesting 1000 Universal Police Officers and 1000 Universal Bureau of Internal Affairs Agents to be assigned to Urantia. I am calling these officers to patrol the planet abroad. In further actions in accordance with our Father’s will I am utilizing these forces to promote security, harmony and peace among our celestial members.

 Our divine family has witnessed the rise of planetary citizens engaging in “channeling” and various other non-accepted forms of universe communications (most, if not all, of these “channelings” are fictitious  and have no merit with the genuine universe authorities).

             I am submitting my request to our CEO (The Majestone -Urantia Organization): Karen Divinscia and also simultaneously to Mechalona Evelyn (Divine Minister of Nebadon) who will present this request to Gabriel (CEO) of Nebadon to also be approved by Immanuel (Union of Days) of Nebadon.


           *July 13th, 2012 – Today I told Mechalona (the Divine Minister of Nebadon) to send 1 legion of Universal Police Force officers and 1 legion of Universal Bureau of Internal Affairs agents to Urantia. These officers are to be on ‘High Alert and Battle Ready’.

 1 Legion = 248,832 pairs (angels) or 497,664 individuals.

 The total of officers now assigned to the Urantia Operation is 997,530.

(101 x 2 = 202 + 1000 x 2 = 2202 + 497,664 x 2 = 997,530)

          *July 13th, 2012 – Due to extenuating planetary circumstances I have requested more angels called to duty (they will come from the reserves). At this moment I am calling for a host (12 legions) of Universal Police Force officers and a host of Universal Bureau of Internal Affairs agents to engage in the Urantia Operation.

 1 Host = 12 Legions = 2,985,984 (pairs) x 2 = 5,971,968 (individuals) Universal Police Force Officers.

 1 Host/12 Legions (2,985,984 pairs/5,971,968 individuals) universal Bureau of Internal Affairs agents.

11,943,936 + 997,530 = 12,941,466 officers to date.

***This morning, before 2:00 A.M. August 20th, 2012 the representatives from Uversa are revealed as agents of the Ancients of Days. They have all power and authority of the Ancients of Days to execute their decrees of the extinction of will creatures. I have given names to these 3 agents and positions in the Majestone Organization on the Board of Directors. They are assisting the Universal Police Force officers and the Universal Bureau of Internal Affairs agents in serving warrants on Urantia concerning the planetary humans that commit violations against innocent civilians while active in law enforcement agencies or the military branches of this world. ~Chris Dwaine Christensen/Majestone

***August 26th, 2012 7:14 A.M. MST USA ~ I have requested 100 more seraphic hosts for the Universal Police Force and 100 more hosts for the Universal Bureau of Internal Affairs divisions.

100 Hosts = 298,598,400 pairs    (597,196,800 individuals) + Current

200 Hosts = 597,196,800 pairs (1,194,393,600 individuals) + Current

Total to Date:

Universal Police Force = 301,584,384 pairs (603,168,768 individuals) + HQ Base

Universal Bureau of Internal Affairs = 301,584,384 pairs (603,168,768 individuals) + HQ Base

Total = 1,206,337,536 individual officers = 1,206,337,536 + 12,941,466 =

1,219,279,002 Officers

The new recruits will arrive by 8:00 P.M. 8-26-12 MST USA Urantia***

The 200 Hosts of Angelic Forces have deployed throughout Urantia

~ (8:35 PM MST USA)  8-26-12

******** 10-14-2012 I am requesting 1196 more Hosts of Seraphim as Universal Police Force Officers to be assigned here on Urantia to be in waiting of the pending judgment of mankind. They will assist Judgment Protocol and ensure the proper procedures are enacted when all humans must appear before the Judgment Panel.

1196 Hosts = 7,142,473,728 individual angels + 1,219,279,002 = 8,361,752,730 total Universal Police Force Officers.

(4,180,876,365 Pairs of Seraphim) ********

Justice & Law Enforcement

Chief - Universal Police Force -                         Darlene Adrianna Christensen

Director - Universal Bureau of Internal Affairs -  Apricotia Lacey Christensen

****(That is 1400 Hosts of Angels who are Universal Police Officers & Universal Bureau of Internal Affairs Agents (They also are soldiers of the Nebadon Universal Military)

Chris Dwaine Christensen/Planetary Prince/Urantia
Christ Michael/Nebadon Universe Sovereign
Majestone/8 Star Master General – Nebadon Universal Military - Urantia Branch/Founder & Creator of the
Universal Police Force & the Universal Bureau of Internal Affairs

Universal Police Force


Duties and Responsibilities


This person will act in a responsible, supervisory, and limited administrative work in planning, assigning, and supervising the activities of a major division of the police department.

Work involves the responsibility for planning, assigning, and supervising activities of the patrol or investigative operation. Work includes the responsibility for making decisions regarding actions to be taken, and exercising independent judgment in the application of laws and ordinances. Supervision is exercised through subordinate supervisors over all officers and agents of the assigned operation(s). Work is performed independently within established laws, policies, and regulations and is reviewed through conferences and reports.


Plans, assigns, supervises, and participates in the programs and activities of the patrol and investigative operations.

Develops staffing plans; studies crime and other reports to determine trends, and makes recommendations for changes in organization and operating procedures to obtain the most effective results.

Prepares or directs the preparation and maintenance of necessary records and reports.

Performs related work as required.


Graduation from a standard high school supplemented by the completion of 40 years of *(Nebadon)  universe college; and considerable progressively responsible experience; or any equivalent combination of training and experience.

Will fully comply with the requirements for peace officer as set forth in the *Nebadon Peace Officers' Standards and Training Regulations, as defined by the *Nebadon Peace Officers' Standards and Training Council.


Thorough knowledge of modern universal police methods, practices and techniques.

Thorough knowledge of applicable universal and planetary laws and university regulations.

Considerable knowledge of the methods and practices of police and universe administration.

Considerable knowledge of the functions and objectives of other system, constellation, and universe law enforcement agencies.

Ability to analyze complex police problems.

Ability to plan, organize, and direct the work of subordinates and to advise, instruct, and train personnel.

Ability to write and speak effectively.

Ability to exercise command under the most difficult of conditions, based upon recognition by subordinates of the technical competence, character, and emotional suitability of the superior.

Ability to deal with the public (spiritual and human) firmly and courteously under stress conditions and to establish effective working relationships with the cosmic public, universe media, and others contacted in the course of work.

Skill in the use and care of spiritual weapons and powers with firm administration of safety policies.

Skill in spiritual healing.

Urantia Universal Police Force Captain:

“Majestone” Chris Dwaine Christensen/Christ Michael

Copyright ©2012 Chris Dwaine Christensen

Paper 27 Department of Children’s Affairs

Paper 29 The Glory of the Father is His Children

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