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The Book of Majestone

Paper 27 Department of Children’s Affairs

Today – July 1st, 2012 – I have established the Department of Children’s Affairs. It will be overseen and directed by 2 seraphim (who I also chose personally). There will be 55 children to staff this new department. Together they will be entrusted to educate, guide and protect the younger children, who will in turn teach their younger siblings. They will work for harmony, unity, loyalty, appreciation, respect, family values, love and God knowingness. They are the core and future of our divine family. They will receive the cooperation of all of their elder family members. This newly founded department is an addition to the original Board of Directors.

The Department of Children’s Affairs

Director   -   Queenie Romancella Christensen

Asst. Dir. -   Halona Kalila Christensen

Staff Members

1. Dwaine Eventod Christensen

2. Joseph Lance Christensen

3. Aria Micheam Christensen

4. Harmony Jeleel Christensen

5. Melody Emma Christensen

6. Rhapsody Scenscia Christensen

7. Seranada Majescia Christensen

8. Gabriel Star Christensen

9. Marissa Robin Christensen

10. Adam Saturn Christensen

11. Solonia Vicky Christensen

12. Nathaniel David Christensen

13. Sustra Terrie Christensen

14. Michaelian Cody Christensen

15. Rebecca Sherrie Christensen

16. Sebastian Beethoven Christensen

17. Sarah Nevaeh Christensen

18. Nambia Lion Christensen

19. Quincia Dove Christensen

20. Galaxia Marcus Christensen

21. Celeste Lucille Christensen

22. Paradon Causia Christensen

23. Mechalonia Spiritan Christensen

24. Orvon Neba Christensen

25. Havonia Musiscia Christensen

26. Samuel David Christensen

27. Veronica Gem Christensen

28. Gazlian Blaze Christensen

29. Sascia Flower Christensen

30. Dominick Bravery Christensen

31. Bobbi Misty Christensen

32. Sunny Lightning Christensen

33. Monique Vispa Christensen

34. Eloquin Sign Christensen

35. Elizabeth Ring Christensen

36. Miraculin Appera Christensen

37. Monia Humble Christensen

38. Bestowia Persona Christensen

39. Dreamlia Eterna Christensen

40. Marvelia Wonder Christensen

41. Loyalascia Life Christensen

42. Mysterian Fathoman Christensen

43. Spectascia Viewna Christensen

44. Immensian Sizcia Christensen

45. Fantascia Dancer Christensen

46. Avijah Oneia Christensen

47. Abeijah Seconscia Christensen

48. BaraijahTrinscia Christensen

49. Casey Abraham Christensen

50. Kara Nectar Christensen

51. Val Cloud Christensen

52. Sally Heaven Christensen

53. Nikeon Walker Christensen

54. Aileen Day Christensen

55. Brendan Blue Christensen

Copyright ©2012 Chris Dwaine Christensen

Paper 26 The School of Majestone

Paper 28 Universal Police Force & Universal Bureau of Internal Affairs

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