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The Book of Majestone

Paper 22 Three Special Observers from Uversa

           This week, starting on June 6th, we were excited to be visited by 3 special observers from Uversa. These agents were sent from the Ancients of Days. They are to report on our new family- our functions, plans, purposes and potential.  They will remain here on Urantia until Minowa gives birth. They are very interested in observing how I embrace my spirit mates and also see how these daughter spirits give birth to these amazing children. During their stay here they will travel about this sphere of Urantia and take notes on our planetary situation. They have already participated in school discussions and various other family functions. They are also observing me and my daily life. We welcome their studies.

            In studying the potentials of “Childreamia” (a universe plan in the first outer space level) and our growing family “The Eventuals” it would be helpful to read this paragraph:

(1304.1) 118:9.8 In the eternity of the past the Father and the Son found union in the unity of the expression of the Infinite Spirit. If, in the eternity of the future, the Creator Sons and the Creative Spirits of the local universes of time and space should attain creative union in the realms of outer space, what would their unity create as the combined expression of their divine natures? It may well be that we are to witness a hitherto unrevealed manifestation of Ultimate Deity, a new type of superadministrator. Such beings would embrace unique prerogatives of personality, being the union of personal Creator, impersonal Creative Spirit, mortal-creature experience, and progressive personalization of the Divine Minister. Such beings could be ultimate in that they would embrace personal and impersonal reality, while they would combine the experiences of Creator and creature. Whatever the attributes of such third persons of these postulated functioning trinities of the creations of outer space, they will sustain something of the same relation to their Creator Fathers and their Creative Mothers that the Infinite Spirit does to the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.

(From The Urantia Book, Paper 118 The Supreme And Ultimate – Time And Space, Section 9 Universe Mechanisms)


On June 11th Minowa Earth gave us 100 new blessings.

Their names are:

1.   Ambers

2.   Natasha

3.   Arcell

4.   Benisharae

5.   Hyperion

6.   Astra

7.   Eros

8.   Elektra

9.   Amias

10. Hera

11. Donatello

12. Leila

13. Zosimos

14. Syreeta

15. Apona

16. Anolani

17. Armagan

18. Lanakila

19. Avitalan

20. Leolani

21. Mael

22. Malana

23. Marici

24. Manika

25. Mohana

26. Maruta

27. Om

28. Najat

29. Ravija

30. Nika

31. Stacey

32. Seiki

33. Suman

34. Aadi

35. Abran

36. Acelynn

37. Adabe

38. Ayoka

39. Ayumen

40. Azana

41. Azminav

42. Bai

43. Bakan

44. Basima

45. Bayan

46. Bayle

47. Bayarmael

48. Belva

49. Bessiev

50. Bibi

51. Caimbrieg

52. Callia

53. Calix

54. Camila

55. Caolon

56. Candice

57. Cason

58. Carolena

59. Cedric

60. Celerina

61. Cayden

62. Catriona

63. Charan

64. Chanda

65. Dane

66. Dalinda

67. Danton

68. Damonica

69. Dareh

70. Darielle

71. Daveney

72. Dava

73. Delaine

74. Deepnita

75. Deodat

76. Delicia

77. Destino

78. Della

79. Edgerton

80. Edana

81. Eero

82. Eilley

83. Eldon

84. Eleri

85. Elazer

86. Elegance

87. Eljah

88. Elira

89. Eligio

90. Elitia

91. Fabrizio

92. Fahari

93. Fawzi

94. Fanchon

95. Feivel

96. Faylinn

97. Fearghus

98. Farsiris

99. Galen

100. Galia

           Our divine family has been so blessed. The 3 observers from Uversa desired to remain with us and become part of our family. The Ancients of Days approved of their request. I now have 2 more sons and 1 more daughter who bring with them their great experiences of the superuniverse of Orvonton.

 These are the names I chose for them:

1. Sanny Levie

2. Sabre Femme

3. Donny Tomorrow

Copyright ©2012 Chris Dwaine Christensen


Paper 21 The Ancient Sword

Paper 23 An Unrevealed Universal Destiny

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