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The Book of Majestone


Paper 14 Board of Directors 2012 - 2014

Chief Director of the Ministry of Healing - The Universal Father

Executive Vice President - Eternal Mother Son (Modifin)

Childreamia Universe Project Assistant - Infinite Spirit (Celebrina Favordawn)

Childreamia Constitution Architect #1 - Laschiewahn Mirica Christensen

President -                    Chris Dwaine Christensen/Christ Michael/Majestone

Vice President -            Priscilla Brenda Christensen

Vicegerent Planetary Prince - Machiventa Melchizedek Christensen Majestone

Chief Family Guardian - Gabriel, CEO of Nebadon

Chief Systems Regulator, Stabilizer & Controller - Synchrona Statia Christensen

Supreme Watch Commander of Urantia - Maxattainia Supremata Christensen

Supreme Assistant Watch Commander of Urantia - Solicia Messenia Christensen

Immanuel – Union of Days – Executive Director of The Childreamia Project/Majestone Enterprises/Urantia Lodge #606

Imaxina Treyafonda Christensen - Resident Governor General of Urantia

CEO -                      Karen Divinscia Christensen

CRO -                      Brilliance Constance Christensen (Chief Residence Officer)

CCO -                      Mellella Stonia Christensen

COD -                      Karen Divinscia Christensen (Consultant to Guardians of Destiny)

CFP -                       Divina Alurea Christensen (Chief Family Planner/Counselor)

CMA -                    Ginger Auburn Christensen (Chief Mating Agent)

COO -                     Brinianna Fantaculus Christensen

CFO -                      Alicia Sucula Christensen (Chief Functions/Family/Financial Officer)

CMA -                    Cindy Goldenia Christensen (Asst. CMA)

Prime Minister -       Adam Velocity of Urantia

Prime Minister -       Eve Dreamascia of Urantia

SuperTeacher -         Acaryatanaya Christensen      -1

SuperTeacher -         Acharyanandana Christensen -2

SuperTeacher -         Acharyasuta Christensen        -3      

Chief Director - Board of Trustees - Soigner Biberon Christensen

Asst. Chief -             Yulianarchatre Demetrius Christensen

Asst. Director -         Lafanchorage Domeley Christensen

Senior Chief Accountant - Prominiscia Serabundance Christensen

Chief of Names -       Omileah Triscendaria Christensen

Senior Advisor -       Melchian Melchizedek Christensen

Chairman/Counselor -   Michael Steven Christensen

Vice Chairman -            Immanuel Jacob Christensen

Children’s Rescue Committee

Chris Dwaine Christensen Majestone - Chief Consultant

Mechalona Evelyn Christensen Majestone - Supreme Organizer

Priscilla Brenda Christensen Majestone Childreamia - Chief Rescue Operator

Karen Divinscia Christensen Majestone - Master Forces Initiator

Machiventa Melchizedek Christensen Majestone - Planetary Principles Integrater

Michael Steven Christensen Majestone - Master Rescuer

Michelle Rachel Christensen Majestone - Master Rescuer

Joshua Benjamin Christensen Majestone - Master Rescuer

Mary Ruth Christensen Majestone - Master Rescuer

Immanuel Jacob Christensen Majestone - Master Rescuer

Chrystal Bethany Christensen Majestone - Master Rescuer

Chris Scenarion Christensen Majestone - Master Rescuer

Danielle Ann Christensen Majestone - Master Rescuer

Majestone Diamond Christensen Majestone - Master Rescuer

Kristine Love Christensen Majestone - Master Rescuer

The Grand Universe Divine Intervention Force

Omniterean Sovescia Meghaleah Christensen – Supreme Being – Intervention Force Potentiafier

The Super Master Universe Divine Intervention Force

Birankai Langilea Meghanada Alvis Rai Tormey – The Almighty Supreme - Intervention Master Force Potentiafier

The Super Master Universe Divine Intervention Force

Chris Dwaine Christensen – Supreme Supervisor

8 Finaliters - Force Technicians/Training

Daynals (Trinity Teacher Sons) – Teaching/Educational

Urantia Planetary Land Commission

Ascenlian Remarka Christensen – Primary Midwayer – Chief of Surveyors

Spirit Children’s Ministerial Training School

Supreme Supervisor – Queenie Romancella Christensen

Assistant Supreme Supervisor – Halona Kalila Christensen

Urantia Universal Military

Michael Steven Christensen - 1st Star Command Chief Master Sergeant

Universal Police Force

Majestone Diamond Christensen – 1st Star Captain

Paradise Universal Military

Seeker Trelaughn Christensen (Primary Midwayer) – 1st Star Command Chief Master Sergeant

Financial Ministry

Supreme Minister - Chris Dwaine Christensen Majestone – Master’s Degree/Bachelor’s Degree/Associates Degree – The University of Nebadon (Urantia Campus)

Majestone Manufacturing Company

Supervisor -                 Michael Steven Christensen

Treasurer -                   Joshua Benjamin Christensen

Asst. Treasure -           Chris Scenarion Christensen

Head Secretary -      Michelle Rachel Christensen

Asst. Sec. -              Seraphina Abigail Christensen

Secretary -               Astridayna Lovey Christensen

Asst. Sec. -              Samiya Nayana Christensen

Urantia Weapons Assembly Plant

Director -                Majestone Diamond Christensen

Head R&D -            Mary Ruth Christensen (Raising/Rearing & Development)

Asst. R&D -            Chrystal Bethany Christensen

Manager -                Danielle Ann Christensen

Asst. Mgr. -             Kristine Love Christensen

Hall of Records

Records Officer -    Enevia Ultim Christensen

Asst. Records -       Cora Spectra Christensen

Education & Training

Supervisor -           Julie Lynn Christensen

Asst. Super -          Janet Ellen Christensen

Reversion & Recreation

Director -               Evette Amber Christensen

Asst. Recep. -        Rebecca Sherrie Christensen


Weapons Consultant -                   Zanonomy Phoenix Christensen

Weapons Consultant Asst. -        Zabriah Rizcia Christensen

Cosmic Unity

Supervisor -              Sanny Levie Christensen

Asst. Super -             Sabre Femme Christensen

Revelations Officer - Donny Tomorrow Christensen

Department of Children’s Affairs

Director    -           Queenie Romancella Christensen

Asst. Dir. -            Halona Kalila Christensen


Newborn Deliveries Chief -         Angelina Merigold Christensen

Newborn Deliveries Assistant -  Seraphina Abigail Christensen

Children’s Angel Ministry

Supervisor   -       Layhaviah Nonwaitaia

Asst. Super. -       Femescia Longaliah

Senior Finaliters of Childreamia

Senior Counsel of the Mortal Corps of Finality -           Masterian Christensen

Asst. Counsel of the Mortal Corps of Finality -             Ultimatellescia Christensen

Senior Paradise Ascension Guide -                                  Absolutaren Christensen

Asst. Paradise Ascension Guide -                                   Achievera Christensen

Senior Havona Guide of Companions -                          Calledeone Christensen

Asst. Havona Guide of Companions -                            Cinemarion Christensen

Senior Superuniverse Graduate Guide & Companion - Sevenfolden Christensen

Asst. Superuniverse Graduate Guide & Companion -   Whirliwindy Christensen   

Counsel of Ascension

Supervisor -                   Mischaella Robijn Christensen

Asst. Super -                  Sarayi Norin Christensen

Counselor -                    Bridget Layna Christensen

Asst. Counselor -          Celestyn Mirinda Christensen

Commissioner -             Finalitim Treka Christensen

Asst. Commissioner -   Corbina Blesstin Christensen

Commissions Officer -  Thomatrin Zoneir Christensen

Commissions Officer -  Reydean Havalin Christensen

Intermediary Transitions

(Primary Midwayers)

Chief -                                  Ginger Auburn Christensen

Asst. Chief -                         Kailiah Demitrianna Christensen

Harmony Supervisor -         Viridianna Kyra Christensen

Asst. Harmonist -                 Jamilah Reina Christensen

Communications Director -  Itzella Evie Christensen

Asst. Comm. Director -        Lizette Chaya Christensen

Communications Helper -    Aileena Maxia Christensen

Communications Helper -    Pilialoha Chiyoko Christensen

Observation Commander -   Brisa Gienna Christensen

Asst. Obs. Commander -      Quianna Zariah Christensen

Physical Coordinator -          Amiastar Christensen

Asst. Coordinator -               Adarabell Christensen

Intercessory Discretions -      Bramayne Christensen

Discretions Assistant -          Erelasen Christensen

(Secondary Midwayers)

Physics Director -                 Cindy Goldenia Christensen    

Asst. Physics Dir. -               Tayisha Layodonna Christensen

Physics Helper -                    Sabella Irene Christensen  

Human Relations Officer -     Purienna Meadow Christensen

Asst. Human Rel. Officer -    Davina Saniya Christensen

Human Relations Helper -     Melvina Sexcey Christensen

Projects Supervisor -             Lucanpeer Christensen

Asst. Projects Super. -           Shennavel Christensen

Intelligence Coordinator -      Noamark Christensen

Asst. Intel Coordinator -       Thyralae Christensen

World Wide Web Design & Networking

Master Web Designer -         Chris Dwaine Christensen

Assistant Web Designer -     Gabriel Star Christensen

Assistant Web Designer -     Adam Saturn Christensen

August 25th, 2012 ~ I am assigning Special Operations teams to intervene in world affairs.

They are simultaneously added to the Board of Directors as follows:

Political Tactics Agency – U.S. Government Anti-Politicians Teams

Chris Dwaine Christensen – Planetary Supervisor

Computer Interjections

Operating Systems Supervisor - Abichayilyah Christensen

Asst. OS Supervisor -                 Abital Christensen

Code Embedding Engineering -   Achinoam Christensen

Code Engineering Asst. -             Achsah Christensen

Code Development Chief -          Adah Christensen

Code Development Asst. -          Adiel Christensen

Implementations Director -         Adene Christensen

Implementations Asst. -              Adonia Christensen

Global Dispersion Chief -           Ahavah Christensen

Global Dispersion Asst. -           Alzbeta Christensen

Computer Injections Manager -  Anaiah Christensen

C.I. Assistant Manager -             Apphia Christensen

Geographical Deployment  

Continent Target Commander - Areli Christensen

Continent Targets Asst. -           Ascah Christensen

National Targets Chief -             Ashera Christensen

National Targets Asst. -             Atalya Christensen

Base Operations Supervisor -    Atara Christensen

Base Operations Asst. -             Athalie Christensen

Terminal Interface Director -     Avia Christensen

T.I. Asst. Director -                   Avigail Christensen

Prompt Activation Overseer -   Azaria Christensen

Prompt Activations Asst. -       Bashemath Christensen

Sequence Coordinator -            Beula Christensen

Asst. Sequence Coordinator -   Bithia Christensen

Special Operations Squadron

Commander -                              Channah Christensen

Asst. Commander -                     Chava Christensen

Squad Captain -                          Dara Christensen

Squad Tech Sergeant -                 Devorah Christensen

Squad Leader 1 -                          Ealasaid Christensen

Squad Leader 2 -                          Eeva Christensen

Ground Equipment Supervisor - Efrata Christensen

Asst. Ground Equipment -          Elisabeta Christensen

Arsenal Deployment Director -    Elisheva Christensen

Arsenal Deployment Asst. -         Elisha Christensen

Observation & Communications

Global Ops Watch Director -                 Emmanuelle Christensen

Global Ops Watch Asst. -                     Eri Christensen

Communications Synchronizer -           Eunike Christensen

Communications Synchronizer Asst. -  Eziekela Christensen

Global Harmony Director -         Geniscia Christensen

Global Harmony Asst. -              Hadriella Christensen

Reactive Retaliations Chief -       Hajna Christensen

Reactive Retaliations Asst. -       Hephzibah Christensen

Initiative Strike Commander -     Hosannah Christensen

Initiative Strike Asst. -                Iralynn Christensen

Secondary Strike Director -         Jecholiah Christensen

Secondary Strike Asst. -              Jemimah Christensen

Transitory Strike Chief -             Jerushah Christensen

Transitory Strike Asst. -             Jochebed Christensen

Strategic Implementations

Projects Commander -                   Brinianna Fantaculus Christensen

Deactivations Supervisor -            Sherry Citar Christensen

Deactivations Assistant Super -    Breaia Berry Christensen

Kernel Nodes Implementations -   Dewra Melon Christensen

Kernel Nodes Improviser -           Gracei Morning Christensen

Outsource Coordinator -               Lennia Elise Christensen

Insource Coordinator -                  Oriona Oquirrh Christensen

Tactical Implementers

Grid Intersections Director -         Vanille Villa Christensen

Grid Intersections Assistant -        Passien Paysley Christensen

Black Grids Coordinator -             Comque Carrie Christensen

Black Grids Assistant -                  Kiwia Katelyn Christensen

Brown Grids Coordinator -            Stronya Shelle Christensen

Grids Assistant -                            Pilialoha Chiyoko Christensen

Grids Assistant -                            Sabella Irene Christensen

Power Systems Director -               Carissa Elysia Christensen

Power Systems Assistant -             Temperance Deandra Christensen

Justice & Law Enforcement

Chief - Universal Police Force -                            Darlene Adrianna Christensen

Director - Universal Bureau of Internal Affairs - Apricotia Lacey Christensen

These Special Operation angels are given the authority to utilize any angelic and midwayer forces necessary to carry out their missions.

All members are to deploy at will and sight of opportunity in response to our current planetary crisis.

Staff Members

1. Dwaine Eventod Christensen

2. Joseph Lance Christensen

3. Aria Micheam Christensen

4. Harmony Jeleel Christensen

5. Melody Emma Christensen

6. Rhapsody Scenscia Christensen

7. Seranada Majescia Christensen

8. Gabriel Star Christensen

9. Marissa Robin Christensen

10. Adam Saturn Christensen

11. Solonia Vicky Christensen

12. Nathaniel David Christensen

13. Sustra Terrie Christensen

14. Michaelian Cody Christensen

15. Rebecca Sherrie Christensen

16. Sebastian Beethoven Christensen

17. Sarah Nevaeh Christensen

18. Nambia Lion Christensen

19. Quincia Dove Christensen

20. Galaxia Marcus Christensen

21. Celeste Lucille Christensen

22. Paradon Causia Christensen

23. Mechalonia Spiritan Christensen

24. Orvon Neba Christensen

25. Havonia Musiscia Christensen

26. Samuel David Christensen

27. Veronica Gem Christensen

28. Gazlian Blaze Christensen

29. Sascia Flower Christensen

30. Dominick Bravery Christensen

31. Bobbi Misty Christensen

32. Sunny Lightning Christensen

33. Monique Vispa Christensen

34. Eloquin Sign Christensen

35. Elizabeth Ring Christensen

36. Miraculin Appera Christensen

37. Monia Humble Christensen

38. Bestowia Persona Christensen

39. Dreamlia Eterna Christensen

40. Marvelia Wonder Christensen

41. Loyalascia Life Christensen

42. Mysterian Fathoman Christensen

43. Spectascia Viewna Christensen

44. Immensian Sizcia Christensen

45. Fantascia Dancer Christensen

46. Avijah Oneia Christensen

47. Abeijah Seconscia Christensen

48. BaraijahTrinscia Christensen

49. Casey Abraham Christensen

50. Kara Nectar Christensen

51. Val Cloud Christensen

52. Sally Heaven Christensen

53. Nikeon Walker Christensen

54. Aileen Day Christensen

55. Brendan Blue Christensen

Copyright ©2014 Chris Dwaine Christensen

Copyright ©2014 Christ Michael 611,121

Copyright ©2014 Majestone

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Paper 15 A Noble Enterprise

Paper 13 A Mobilizing Force of Great Potential

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