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The Book of Majestone

Paper 1 Childreamia

     The children played all around me and we talked about what type of creatures they were. We had thought about them being like Midwayers, but they were very peculiar. When Father and I talked they could hear Him also. In fact, when I talked to the Holy Spirit or the angels we were all in communication. This was so amazing. I thought that eventually they will need to be classified. As to what this classification would be I was not sure.

     After many days went by I came to the understanding they needed an education. I felt it would be better if the angels could teach them since they were in the spirit light and the angels could keep better track of them than I could. After conferring with a superior angel it was agreed that a group of angels would educate and give these new creatures their preliminary training. That’s when I thought that it would be best if they spent their early childhood with their human sister, my daughter. They could learn to attend to her and work to keep her safe and provided for in a spiritual sense, like the angels do.

     Though they did not want to leave me they did want to spend time with their sister since she was a young child about 6 years of age at that time. I told them to follow the instruction of the attending angels and protect their human sister for a while. And when they were ready and I needed them I would call for them to return to me. The angels promised me they would take good care of my new spirit children and that they would employ the help of the Midwayers if necessary.

     It was sad though, we loved each other very much and we had become very close to each other. But, the angels could take better care of them then I could at that time for I was going through some major storms in my life and I needed to go through this phase of my own personal tribulation and it would probably be better if I was alone.

     So, the time came when we said our good byes and embraced each other in tenderly love. Tears rolled down our faces as the angels led them to Wendover, NV. Thank God it was only 120 miles away!! I could hear the joy return to them when they arrived at their sister’s home and seen how beautiful and sweet she was. My daughter is a well behaved girl. I was happy once again and I was also reminded that this was only temporary and it was the best for my new children of God.

     A few days went by and Father spoke to me and told me he had a gift for me. “What is it Father?” I asked. “I decided I am going to reward you with a section of space in the first outer-space layer. Just go there in your spirit and find the galaxy that is becoming ripe for inhabitability and pick out the best part for your new universe. You will know what to do when you get there,” he told me. “Really?” I answered. “I get my own portion of the first outer-space level.” I finished. “Yes son, you are going through the storms of yours and my own choosing and you have been faithful to me. Plus, you have given me great new children. What better can I do than to reward you with a local universe in outer-space level one?” “And son, when you get there you will name this universe according to your own unique imagination,” he said. “O.K. Father, I said.” I will go and find this place and name it and claim it.” (And this is possible because a Creator Son can be at two places simultaneously through reflectivity).

     After I found the best place for a new local universe I realized I needed someone to be stationed there to finish saturating the area with my spirit and to provide the initial gravity that would allow for equalization of the most central location. “I have it!!” I thought. I will send one of my sons to be a place marker for me until such a day that I could return and finish the beginning stages of the plan of my new local universe. But, who would I send?

     After I was completely and spiritually back at my Urantia abode I thought about my new children and it occurred to me then who would be the perfect son to do this work for me. But, this son would have to remain in one place for some time. And he would have to be able to communicate with me over this long distance, on the circuit of the spirit.

     “Majestone” I called. “Majestone Diamond son, I need you. Please come to me”. A few seconds later my son Majestone appeared in the room with me. “What is it father? What can I do for you?” He asked. “I have a special job for you son, and you are the only one who can do this work. I need you to go to “Childreamia”. It is my new local universe in the first outer-space level that Father has given to me as a reward and I need you to be my Gravity Son. You will have to remain there for an undetermined amount of time and equalize the area as much as you can while at the same time you have my spirit with you which would further saturate the area. Will you do this for me son?” “Yes father, I will do this for you, I will do anything you ask of me.” “Thank you Majestone.” “You know you will be by yourself there until you are done and I call you to return to me?” Yes father, he answered. I’ll be fine. Where is this place?” He asked. “Just follow my spirit trail Majestone, I just returned from there”.

     And so, Majestone departed to Childreamia to be my Gravity Son, his first duty as a new son of Nebadon. Thankfully we could communicate with each other the whole time he would be gone from me.


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Paper 2 The Return

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